Thursday, April 28, 2005

Home Depot!

This just in: North-Eastern New Jersey citizens are eating cactus...for recreational purposes!?

DISCLAIMER: Educational Purposes only. Do not attempt. I will not be held responsible for anything that you do with this information.

You heard right. Today started out boring and I did not much at all. Later on, Bev and I wanted to go somewhere. I suggested Home Depot! Right. I remembered reading up about this cactus that contains hallucinogenic chemicals... and that the cactus was available for purchase at Home Depot. Just our luck!

We got there and made up a story that we need it for a class in school. The guy knew we were bullshitting and said that his friends used to trip off of this stuff back in the day. The planter contained two san pedro cacti. the smaller of the two was out of the dirt, so we got it for half off. Sweet deal.

Any who, here's some useful information on preparing this stuff.

Weight out the dose (about a foot, 3in. diameter). Nick or notch out the spine clusters. Split the cactus by cutting from the "valleys" between the ridges inward to the center of the core. This yields a "stick" of cactus with a diamond-shaped cross section which gives the most support to the green tissue during the peeling. Starting from the corners and working along the length of the ridge, carefully peel off the skin. Take multiple passes to do this. It is possible to detach the skin in a single piece, if you are patient. CAREFULLY peal the extremely thin waxy layer off from all the cacti strips with the knife. You want to get the clear-like flaky layer and the dark, waxy skin. Together they are very very thin. You want to save as much of the lighter green "meat" underneath. Avoid leaving any of the green tissue clinging to the skin. The skin is likely to tear when lifting it away from scars and blemishes. The peel can be re-started by picking at it with a thumbnail if this happens.Next, you look carefull at the strips where it joined the cactus core. If you examine this very closely you can see the part that is very white and kind of "woody." This is the "woody core." You can cut this off if you prefer. This reduces the bulk of the cacti involved in the cooking process. Be careful not to disturb or remove any of the skin, or the meat for a ways beneath it.

Almost now

Slice the skinless strips up into very small pieces. Just large enough to strain out with a collinder, or if you prefer, smaller for use with cheese cloth. I think the smaller the better.

a large pan or pot (with lid)
a storage container for liquids
a colander or cheese cloth
lemon juice

Place the prepared San Pedro in a large pot on the stove and cover it with a mixture of two parts water to one part lemon or lime juice. Try to use the bare minimum of liquid necessary to cover the plant matter; the more you use, the more you will eventually have to reduce or drink later.Heat just barely to a boil and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes, stirring often. Then strain the pulp out through colander or cheesecloth, and save the liquid. Put the pulp back in the pot, and repeat the process two more times. After your third boil strain again, discard the pulp, combine your liquids, and reduce over low heat to a manageable amount if necessary. Either drink within 24 hours or capsulate.

To Capsulate:
Just evaporate the liquid (sitting on an open oven door works well) and you will be left with dust (crystals?). Scrap it up, throw it into a gelcap and your ready to go.

Have fun. I'll post an update to this one possibly after this weekend :oP

Good Day.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Well we took the train to NYC, got pizza, and left. Awesome. That was a little ago. Just today, as well as a few days ago, me and a bunch of people went to Plastoids. It was fun, as usual. Whatever just look. Oh yea, dead deer. Nice.

8? Ya-huh

Up we go...or down...or?

Enjopy this picture greaty. I like the A symmetrical-ness


Elevator Machine Room?


Hey ha!

...yea blinds.